september 2020

    Masterclass: Grow your own sustainable silk!
    Masterclass: Grow your own sustainable silk!

    Silk is the finest natural material in the textile industry. Even today it is still considered as a luxurious material with a semi-artisanal process to develop the silk textile. But what if we can use this wonderful natural material without killing those very organisms producing it? What if we learn to work together with nature instead of only extracting what we want. This workshop offers the possibility of learning all the fascinating steps of raising your own little silkworms that spin a silk textile of a “non-woven” principal by making them spinn flat on your own created pattern base.


    The Linda Nurk silk material workshop is presenting an alternative way of creating silk material directly from having silkworms “flat spinning”. It aims at teaching the fundamental and ethical aspects of raising and caring for your own silkworms in an urban environment along with Lindas craft skills and techniques of flat spinning silk. The workshop is designed as an introduction for anyone interested in exploring the fascinating lifecycle of a silkworm and how to co-create your own samples of silk material with your own raised silkworms, without harming the living creatures in the making.

    Linda Nurk is a couture artist and designer growing her own fashion. What she seeks in the materials she uses may be harmony with the body or it may be juxtaposition but it is always a performance, a dance.

    • do 03 sep.
    • 18:00 - 21:30
    • Geraard De Duivelsteen
    • € 75 / 30
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    Workshop: Bioplastics from food 'waste' [online] [rescheduled]
    Workshop: Bioplastics from food 'waste' [online] [rescheduled]

    Learn to make bio-plastics in your own kitchen!As humanity is becoming more and more aware of its pollution problems, it's about time we think of real solutions and alternatives for our current plastic usage. And what better inspiration can we get than from nature itself? What if we could co-design our future materials together with the biological elements surrounding us already? In this workshop Ana Lisa Alperovich from Design Academy Eindhoven will take you on a crash course on biomaterials for your own future projects.